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Elevate Your Brand with Expertise: Strategies, Color Psychology, Goal Setting, and Flawless Execution.


Design Magazine

Brand Development

Are you looking to establish a strong brand identity for your business? Look no further than Brand Builders Network, LLC. With years of experience in the industry, we have helped countless businesses create a powerful brand that resonates with their target audience. We utilize the latest color psychology techniques, and our innovative timelines ensure that our clients achieve their goals in no time. Contact us today to learn how we can help you establish a long-lasting brand identity.


VIP Experience

At Brand Builders Network, LLC., we believe that building a brand requires more than just great design and clever marketing. That’s why we offer a comprehensive 3-day experience that includes pampering and unwinding in an upscale hotel, a content day with a professional makeup artist and photographer, wardrobe styling, and hands-on strategy sessions with our team of seasoned experts. Our carefully curated experience is designed to inspire, educate and empower our clients, allowing them to create unforgettable brands that stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Social Media Marketing

Our agency offers a range of services aimed at creating a strong, identifiable brand for our clients. We specialize in content creation and scheduling posts that are designed to increase engagement and drive traffic to your site. We also specialize in collaborating with influencers and networking with other businesses online. Our team is skilled in developing productive relationships that can take your brand to the next level in terms of visibility, credibility, and profitability.


Creative Direction

We understand that many women in business have a vision, but may need a little extra guidance in bringing it to fruition. Our team specializes in providing creative direction for projects, whether it be hands-on assistance or simply providing a creative spark. We know that every project is unique, and our approach is tailored to meet the needs of each client we work with.


"Korri, I'm lost! I have an idea of what I want, but I'm not sure how to execute it..."
"I have been in business for years, my brand is just in need of a renovation.... "
There is only one way to a successful brand:

Knowing what direction you are going in with your business is the first step in Brand Discovery. With our clarity calls we use a traffic light system to determine how much help each business needs to be on the path to success.

Red- I am totally lost and have no clear vision for my business.
Yellow- I have an idea of what I want but I am still unsure of how to determine what my brand identity is.

Green- I know what I want to do, I know who my target audience is, and I know when I want to launch; I just need a plan of action to get there.




Fill out our new client questionnaire and schedule a Discovery Call. This will help both parties determine if we are a good fit for one another.


Once you have logged into your client portal; you will have access to sign your contract, see all timelines, and pay your invoice. We will begin working on your project when the contract and timeline agreement are signed as well as payment of invoice.

50% Deposit required upon all projects above $350.00
Payment plans available upon request.


You will have questionnaires to complete in order to map out your brand needs. These forms will help us to understand what direction is best when completing your design package. They are located in your client portal immediately upon payment of invoice and signature of contract.


A draft of your original concepts will be sent to you and a video conference will be scheduled to discuss what you love and any revisions to your project. After our video conference you will be asked to approve the edits that were written down via email and given a new timeline for completion of edits.


Upon approval of your concepts we will then send over all final files via email.


This is exciting! After the design process we will review your launch plan with a fine tooth comb.


The time has come to officially launch! You will receive an overview of the entire scope of work. We will walk you through your entire launch with helpful tips.


There will be checkpoints at 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and 1 year after your launch. We appreciate your brand and love staying connected, it is important to us that your brand is successful.




LaTasha Brown, MACP
Mental Health Therapist

"I really didn't know where to start with redesigning my website and how to make it attractive to my audience. Korri made it easy and seamless. Every deadline was met. She responded to each email in a timely fashion. She explained in detail the process. Even if I had an outlandish question, Korri answered it with grace. I was looking for someone with expertise and knowledgeable of easy-to-use digital tools and I found that with Korri. I love that she is knowledgeable, partners with you on your vision and lastly she is touchable."

Omouzuwa Seymour-El
CEO of RTPA Incubator


"Korri is an ultimate pleasure and breath of fresh air to work with. She pays heavily to the attention to detail. She takes pride in her work. She is also consistent on making sure you are pleased. I am impressed on the way she follows through so effortlessly with my design and confusion and presents magic."


Karen Julkes
Mindset Coach, Life Insurance Agent

"I received the VIP Day and it included hair, makeup, photos, videos and being on set with me every step of the way. Even as I began to feel ill she helped me get the job done! Korri was absolutely amazing and patient! She asked questions and had me fill out a form to help her best understand my vision. She also assisted with ideas and set everything up so beautifully! Book her asap!"



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